Sourcing deals with Jonathan Ioannou

As some of you may or may not already know last week was the last Watford pin of the year/decade!! 😱

It was a great evening, electric energy and an awesome crowd. Here’s a snippet from our first speaker of the night Jonathan Ioannou who was also a part of the MM23 alumni. The guy’s done some fantastic projects and came to part his knowledge on sourcing, having sourced over 300 units!!!

Crazy right?!

Check it out when you have 5.

Strategy and Focus with Jackie Tomes

Big thanks to our last speaker of 2019 at Watford pin, Miss Jackie Tomes. It was an absolute pleasure, and a great way to end the year with a bang as she focused on how to start 2020 on a high!!

This is achieved by getting clear on your focus, and the opportunities to take advantage of. This clarity will help avoid shiny penny syndrome, as well as giving you the strategic actions to be taken to ensure your business can work without you!!

Also thanks to Jackie for making me aware that it’s not just a new year it’s also a new decade. Clearly, I haven’t paid that much attention this last 10 years. 

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